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A student-focused appointment scheduling software for learning centers and writing centers of all sizes.

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Price $60/m ($700/y) $65/m ($715/y)

TimeSlot works closely with students, tutors, and directors to continually improve and add features. Have a need we don't address? Reach out to us!

TimeSlot Features

Below are some of the main reasons we're set apart from other scheduling offerings.

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TimeSlot was developed by students who saw the need for a better learning center experience. We test TimeSlot on real users, and continually look to improve the experience and add new features to empower learning with the tools they need to deliver high quality sessions. Appointment Scheduling is done in 3-easy steps.

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Appoint Types, Services, Locations

TimeSlot offers three main ways to categorize appointments. Appointment Types let you create broad-level categories and create availabilities specific to an Appointment Type. Services are more specific categories of what service a coach can offer, such as a course MA2400, or a service such as Writing Help. Lastly, Locations let you specify where an appointment will take place.

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Always Improving

TimeSlot currently offers reports, scheduling, custom appointment type colors, robust settings, feedback, a check-in station, and user management. Moving forward we're looking to include Group appointments, physical student ID tapping for check-in, and onboarding surveys. These are just a few of the ideas we have - we'd love to hear yours and see how we can make TimeSlot work better for you.

Tap into your data

Easily view and export data relating to your appointments, students, and coach schedules.

A powerful At-A-Glance view of your center.

Easily view coach availabilities and appointments, as well as detailed views and the ability to cancel slots when needed..

Robust Center Settings

Add, edit, and remove Terms, Appointment Types, Services, and Locations. Easily update center information, and adjust center hours - all from one page.


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  • Robust appointment management tools